The Kate herself…

By popular demand Kate ‘The Panda’ Matney-Perini is back in action as Bitchin’ Fixin’s!

5 years ago I got on an airplane and left for Italy. I married the man who I came here to meet, and I’ve been here every since. I work in the warranty department of a company who builds tractors, harvesters, and construction vehicles. But being a responsable adult is just a ruse… I’m really a 26 year old teenager who likes to make a mess out of the kitchen.

I’m an Oregonian. Hardcore. The only thing that I identify with more than being from Oregon is being an official Panda. I’m a Panda because I live to eat, sleep, and scratch myself in public. When I think about Oregon things like farmer’s markets and apiaries. Pear and Hazelnut orchards. Fishing, hunting, riding dirtbikes in the woods and coming home up to one’s eyebrows in mud. All things nature related. Hippies. Lots and lots of hippies. But something that sticks with me is the actual act of eating. Growing or hunting the food to prepare for yourself and your family, preparing it to its full potential, and enjoying every bite at the supper table together with the people you love. I might be a bizarre person. I might say random things that make people look at me all cockeyed… But passing on the recipes that I use to make the people in my life happy to clean their plates is something really important to me. So naturally a blog its helpful to my cause. Passing on tastiness to those who love and are loved.


4 Responses to “The Kate herself…”

  1. Marian Barker Says:

    Amazing website, Kate. I am so going to make the mustard, cabbage pear chicken thingy and the banana cake. Oh, and the bread you use for garlic bread? Do you have a recipe? I have never seen it in stores here and would rather make my own anyway using my brand new baking stone.

    Am just a plain jane cook but figure it is never too late to learn a new skill and discover new ways to use up my fresh garden veggies. Looking forward to more yummy yummy posts!


    • bitchinfixins Says:

      Next week I will be posting about quick-breads and Roman-Style crusty breads like the one I used for my Garlic Toast. I’ll post a recipe for Pane Romano (Roman Bread), Foccacia Emiliana, and I might even share my secret cornbread recipe. I’m glad you like my blog! As soon as spring starts I’ll also start taking pictures while I’m at the open market and at the farmer’s down the road. I’ve got the farmer that we get our potatoes and onions talked into growing some yams this year so we’ll have to see how that turns out. If you EVER have a question or a request, please don’t be afraid to ask me! -Kate

  2. Luwen Says:

    Hey Kate, finally found your blog after reading your stuff on SE! I wanted to ask your recs on places to eat in Modena – I’ve tried searches and everyone seems to say Hosteria Giusti, but I couldn’t get reservations :(. Would you have any recommendations for authentic lunch spots in Modena…like you said before on SE, places that serve can’t-miss specialties of the area?

    Thanks so much! Greatly appreciated!


    • bitchinfixins Says:

      Holy Cow!!!

      Are you in Modena? I live in Castelfranco Emilia. I can give you all the great places to eat, lunch spots, and everything without problems. I will need to know your level of Italian, though, because all of the best places are kind of ‘rustic’ in a country-fied kind of way. I haven’t had time to update my blog in a REALLY long time, but I’m seriously thinking about getting back into it. If you’d like, I can send you an e-mail or vice versa and we can correspond that way. My e-mail is Thanks so much for seeking me out!

      Kate Matney-Perini

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