Minted Fillet of Tuna

I really DON’T like fish. I’m among those of the world who don’t like things that smell fishy… As a woman, if something starts to smell a little fishy its very hard to fight the urge to wash it with soap, hot water, and the shower-related equivalent of a Brillo pad. I don’t like how fish smells, how it feels in my mouth, how it makes the house smell like a long-forgotten pair of underpants that have found their way under the bed or behind the washing machine to stew for a few months. But because I can no longer frequent the Beef or Pork sections of the Meat Department at my local market, and Chicken gets old after a while, I’ve been literally FORCED to consider my options and bite the bullet. With Fish in general; I’ve found that the fresher the specimen, the less likely I am to hate it. If it was alive in the same day I happen to eat it, chances are I’m probably going to like it! So I did something SMART. Who me? Smart? Psh… DUH! I asked a friendly employee of the Meat Department at the market I go to and asked what days of the week they get their shipments of fresh fish, and at what hour of the day. I got lucky, and the day happens to be Thursday (my day off) at 7:30am, exactly 30 minutes before the store opens. I showed up this morning at 8:40, and was surprised to find Yellow Fin Tuna. Beautiful, gleaming, almost transparent, Yellow Fin Tuna. In STEAKS. This made me do that funny butt wiggle I do when I get all excited. So I bought one, along with some Squids who’s tentacles were still moving a little, and some Flat Fish. I drove them IMMEDIATELY home, and put everything but the Tuna in the freezer. I put the tuna in the Fridge because I had some plans for that little piece of meat come suppertime…

For Minted Fillet of Tuna you might wanna have this stuff hangin’ around:

1 or 2 Tuna Steaks/Fillets
1/3 Cup of Olive Oil
2 big squirts of Lemon Juice
1 big Sprig of Mint, rinsed and leaved
Black Pepper and Salt

First, Put your Mint into a Pile. Biggest on the bottom, smallest on top.

Make a little Mint Burrito… roll… thingy. Slice your Mint really thinly. That way the Mint Flavor and Oils will make it out of the leaf easier. I could have done this with my handy dandy kitchen scissors, but they were in the dish washer.

Put the Mint into a shallow bowl or a deep plate and use your fingers to mash the leaves up a little more.

Add the Oil, Lemon, Pepper, and Salt. Use the back of a spoon to mash up the Mint even MORE, and mix everything up.

Add the Fish. Make sure there is Mint all over the Fish and that all of the Fish has Oil on it. Let it sit for an hour in the Fridge, covered up.

Heat up a skillet to Medium High and toss the Fish into the pan. Let it cook for about 3 minutes on each side until the middle is turning golden, and the edged are brown and crispy.

Serve alone, on top of some salad greans (I chose some leftover fresh cabbage), or Cooked Rice!

Love Peace and (much loved and missed) Bacon Grease, Friends! Visualize Whirled Peas!


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