Artisan Mustard Chicken with Cabbage, Shallot, and Pear

So my doctor yelled at me today. He saw my triglyceride and cholesterol levels, and yelled. He said that there was no reason a young, healthy, not-lazy young lady to have levels this high. He said that even though I’m the type of person who absorbs ALL fats in the bad way, the numbers shouldn’t be this high. So not only am I on some new handy dandy medication, but I’m also on a diet. Not one of those ‘Low Fat’ or ‘Low Sugar’ bullshit diets… I’m on one of those hardcore ‘NO, IF ITS GOOD YOU CAN’T EAT IT’ diets. Low to No Cholesterol. Low to No Sugar. Absolutely NO Chocolate. At this point, I thought I could hear God ROFLing. Yeah, thanks a LOT, ass! Anyhow… Instead of sulking and letting it rule my life; I’ve decided to make it a challenge. Why should I let the foods that I can’t eat outshine the ones I can? I’ve got Poultry. I’ve got Lamb and Mutton. I’ve got white Fish and Shellfish. The doctor said I can even eat Horse meat! Too bad Horses are FRIENDS and not FOOD, damnit! But tonight, I wanted to showcase something delicious that is diet compliant, adventurous, and flavorful. The granular Mustard coming back for a guest spot, Cabbage NOT smelling like feet, and Pear rounding out the stronger flavors and bringing in a fruity tongue-spanking. Who ever thought dieting could be so PRETTY, too?!

For Artisan Mustard Chicken with Cabbage, Shallot, and Pear; Here’s what you need:

Chicken for two people (in this case, two small pieces and one big piece)
1 Tablespoon of Granular or Dijon style Mustard
1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil for the Chicken Sauce, 3 Tablespoons for the Cabbage, Shallot, and Pear
2 or 3 good glugs of Worchestershire sauce
Black Pepper, Garlic (optional), and Salt
1 Pear, washed, but not peeled (Because the skin is GOOD FOR YOU, DADBERNIT!)
2 Big Fistfuls of Shredded Purple and/or Green Cabbage
1 Large Shallot, sliced thinly

In a small bowl, mix the Mustard, Olive Oil, Black Pepper, and Worchestershire sauce.

Pour it out over the chicken, and spread it around so the mixture gets all over. Set the plate of chicken aside.

Core your Pear by cutting next to the core on all four sides.

Cut your pear pieces into strips.

Now, peel and slice your Shallot. Nice and thin or it won’t cook through in time.

Now throw your shredded cabbage, pear strips, and sliced shallot into a skillet with about 3 tablespoons of Olive Oil, Black Pepper, and a pinch of Salt. Turn your heat up on Medium High and let it cook.

Toss the mixture around with a fork to make sure everything is cooked evenly. Once the Cabbage and Pear soften and bend, it should be done. You want the cabbage cooked through, but still crisp. Place even portions of the cabbage mixture onto your serving plates, then put your Chicken into the same skillet you used. It saves dishes, don’tcha know!

Cook the Chicken, 3 minutes on both sides, on Medium High heat until you can press it with a fork and the juices that come out are clear. If it takes a little more time, don’t panic! Its all good in the hood! Place your cooked Chicken on top of your already prepared bed of Cabbage, Shallot, and Pear.

Please enjoy this dish with a Sweet White or Rosé wine, or Iced Herbal Tea with Honey. Why? Because its FANCY! When you’re on a diet, feeling fancy and special is very important to sticking to it and being successful! Try topping the dish with chopped Pistacchio Nuts, or Hazelnuts! Follow up the dish with an oven roasted Pear with Cinnamon! Anything to help you feel good about what you’re eating, as you always should. I am trying to eat by a new rule: If I think my Doctor will yell at me, or if I feel guilty for eating something, I probably shouldn’t eat it in the first place. This meal is guilt free, and would make my doctor wag his tail if he had one! Good, and GOOD!

Love Peace and (not so much) Bacon Grease, Friends! Visualize Whirled Peas!
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One Response to “Artisan Mustard Chicken with Cabbage, Shallot, and Pear”

  1. Marian Barker Says:

    Made this for dinner last night and we loved it! Would never have thought to combine pears and cabbage but the sweetness was perfect with the mustard flavor. I had “Pamela Anderson” sized chicken breasts so they took much longer to cook and were starting to look pretty dark by the time they were done. (But the mustard made sort of a crust which may have caused some of the darknes.)

    Next time I will add crushed hazelnuts; I had them but forgot that last minute step because we were so hungry and it smelled sooooo good.

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