Lazy Kate’s Green Tea Applesauce

Yeah, you read the title right. I’m Lazy. Oh… that’s not what you were surprised about? HA. Oops. Green Tea in Applesauce?! Sure as the gum on the bottom of your favorite shoes. ‘Why!?’ is the bigger question. Well, it all started with The Discovery Health Channel and a trip to the doctor. I heard from my doctor that drinking Green Tea can boost your weight-loss and boost the antioxidants in your system. Both of these sounded great to me, but I really don’t like Green Tea. Its kinda icky, so drinking it straight wasn’t an option. Then I thought to myself ‘Well, could I integrate it into some recipes?’. As it would turn out… you can! I’ve been able to put it into Sugar Glacé for cakes and tarts, Jams and Jellies, even roasted meat! But my most recent project has probably been the best ever: Green Tea Applesauce. The flavor of the Green Tea is subtle, but there. The Apples and a little sugar help to mask the bitter aftertaste of the tea and replace it with pure, unfiltered AWESOME. I’ve been able to figure out how to make it work in 20 minutes, or 2 hours. If you’re at home doing laundry and want to make your house smell like apples, I suggest the 2 hour version. If you’re trying to get rid of some apples that have gone down the River Styx and don’t have a whole hell of a lot of time, 20 minutes and a potato masher is all you really need.

For Lazy Kate’s Green Tea Applesauce, here is what you’ll need:

Peeled Apples to the third power (That means Cubed)
Strong brewed Green Tea
Potato Masher (for the Express version)

I used 6 apples I bought yesterday that are terrible. They really are. They weren’t crisp, or crunchy, and didn’t possess the flavor you want out of an apple. They didn’t even go well with PeanutButter! I KNOW!  I peeled them…

…and cored them the easy way.

I cubed them and dumped them into a big pot. Next, I brewed  my Green Tea. Actually, ANY non-black or red tea will work. I’ve also used Tropical Fruit green tea, Hibiscus Tea (turned the applesauce bright pink), Mint Tea, and Peach White tea. All turned out SPECTACULAR.

After the tea was brewed, I took out the teabags (*snicker*) and poured the tea over my apples.

You want the tea level to leave the top layer of apples just a frog-hair uncovered. If you’re doing the express version, cut the liquid amount in half so you won’t be eating apple soup later. Crank up the heat to Medium-High and walk away. Don’t ask questions, just WALK AWAY. Give them at least 20 minutes to cook. For the Express version, give ’em a stir every 5 minutes or so, otherwise the apples won’t cook all the way through.

After 20 minutes or a half hour or so, check your apples. They should be soft, by now. For the express version, turn off the heat and mash ‘em up. For the lazy version, cut the heat to Low and leave them to cook until all of the liquid is gone and your apple start to look like this:

If you check your apples every half hour or so and stir them, they should basically mash themselves. Continue this process until 80% of the liquid is gone. We’re not making apple jerky, either. When your applesauce is almost all the way liquefied, cut the heat and use the back of a spoon to mash up any pieces you might have floating around in there. I like to leave the chunks in because I like them (and I’m Lazy). Leave the applesauce in the pot to cool to almost room temperature before you put it in the fridge or the fridge will hate you later, and so will your milk after its gone bad. You could also eat it hot with some cookie shovels instead of a spoon.

Love Peace and Bacon Grease, Friends! Visualize Whirled Peas!

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