Garlic Toast and the Olive Garden

Isn’t the Garlic Bread at The Olive Garden awesome? Seriously. Its EXCELLENT. I used to go there for their Soup, Salad and Breadsticks lunch for 6 bucks when I was doing Networking in Vancouver, WA just for the Breadsticks. With all of the garlic… and the butter… and the softness… too bad that in Italy it doesn’t exist. I KNOW! I’m such a party pooper. But I’ve gotta stand up for REAL Italian food and not the bullarkey they try to push off as traditional Italian fare. The Olive Garden, though delicious and affordable, ruins Italian food for Americans and everywhere else The Olive Garden predates.

In Italy, Italians don’t eat bread with their salad before the meal. Salad and Bread come WITH the main meal as something to go with it. They eat bread like the Japanese eat Rice. Plain, White, and Warm. No butter, no Jam, no Oil… Nothing! In fact, Italians don’t even eat as much Garlic as everyone thinks they do! I know MANY Italians who just HATE Garlic. I made Garlic Toast for my husband and he had never tried it before. He LOVES it! If all we have in the house for bread is sandwich slices, I’ll make Garlic Toast to go with supper so he doesn’t have to eat Crackers. Yeah… Bread is THAT important.  So tonight I’ll give you my secret to perfect Garlic Toast.

For Kate’s Garlic Toast, here’s what you’ll need:

Roman Fired Bread, sliced (Any bread will work, but I think this is the best because it gets Crunchy on the edges and stays soft in the middle)
Real Butter at room temperature (enough to cover all slices. 1/3 stick for three big slices)
Garlic Paste or bludgeoned fresh Garlic (a teaspoon for 1/3 cup)
Salt, Pepper, and Chili Powder (optional)
400°F (200°C) oven on BROIL

First, make sure your butter is soft enough to spread. Add your Garlic, a heafty pinch of Salt, Pepper, and Chili Powder to taste. Mix together until there are no chunks.

Use the back of your spoon to spread out your Garlic Butter over your slices of bread. Its not super important to get the butter on THICK just as long as its everywhere. Use a cookie sheet covered in Aluminum Foil. Why cover it in foil? Do you really want to wash that S.O.B. later? I almost NEVER wash my cookie sheets because I cover them with either Aluminum or Oven Paper. Place your buttered bread on the foil and huck ‘em in the oven on the second to the highest level for about 5 minutes. Keep an eye on them though. You want them golden and crunchy, not sunbathing in the 4th layer of Hell.

Pull ‘em out, cut ‘em in half, and serve warm. (Insert Kool Aid Man’s OOOHHHH YEEAAAHHH!!!)

Love Peace and Bacon Grease, Friends! Visualize Whirled Peas!
Something you’ve got a hankerin’ for but don’t know how to fix it? Really feel the need to get in touch with me? Drop me an e-mail Dadbernit!


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