Polenta Farcita (Stuffed Polenta)

So I got home from work tonight feeling ‘Fiappo’ (Dialect from Emilia Romagna for feeling deflated, unenergetic, pooped out. Its a word also used for fruits and veggies who are a little over-the-hill.) and I wasn’t looking forward to relaxing on the sofa, then finding myself in need of getting my ass up and making food. So I figured that instead of relaxing first and make food later, why not just make food now and heat it up in the oven when I’m feelin’ hungrified? Excellent. So… what needs to sit around for a little while before consumption? POLENTA. Yes. Polenta can be made in 5 minutes AND can sit in the fridge until I’m hungry! Its delicious, nutritious, and so NOT a pain in the keester to fix. But plain polenta? Meh, says I. Whats in the fridge? I’ve got some leftover Gouda from making Tuna Melts the other night… and some Mortadella. DONE. (Mortadella, by the way, is God’s answer to Bologna. Its even got hunks of PIG FAT in it.) So I’ve decided to make a classic Italian dish called Polenta Farcita or Stuffed Polenta. Its fast, easy, and REALLY tasty.

Here is what you will need:

1/2 cup of quick cooking Polenta (corn meal)+1/2 cup of cold Water
1 1/2 cups of water (in a pot, boiling)
1/2 teaspoon each of Salt and Bouillon (Bouillon is not NEEDED, but adds flavor to the Polenta)
4 Slices of Cheese (I chose Gouda because its what was in the fridge)
2 BIG Slices of Mortadella or enough deli meat to cover

Mix together 1/2 cup of Polenta with 1/2 cup of cold Water and set aside. Bring 1 1/2 cups of water with the Salt and Bouillon added to a boil. Add your Polenta mixture to the boiling water one heaping spoonful at a time and continue to stir until its smooth and doesn’t have any chunks.

Lower your heat to Medium-Low and stir for two minutes until your Polenta is nice and thick like this:

In a small baking dish, spread a half of your Polenta on the bottom. I chose aluminum because I’m lazy and like to do dishes about as much as I like to watch Miley Cyrus ::shudder::.

Layer on your cheese…

Now the deli slices…

And finally spread the remaining Polenta over the top. It does NOT need to be perfect.

Go ahead and set it in the fridge until 20 minutes before suppertime. Make sure that the Polenta has a good amount of time to firm up otherwise it will be a sloppy mess when you try to serve it. Equally delicious, but harder to eat. When you’re ready, Crank up the oven to 375°F (180°C) and put your pan of Polenta in the oven. Let it heat up for 20 minutes or so. I packed some Brussel’s Sprouts in aluminum foil with some rock salt and Olive Oil and set them in there too (What can I say? Its not supper without veggies!). By the time your Polenta is heated through and the cheese gets all melty, your Brussel’s Sprouts/Broccoli/Carrots/… should be cooked but still crisp. Serve HOT HOT HOT and hopefully with at LEAST a side of Salsa.

Need to contact me? BtchinFixins@gmail.com! Love, Peace, and Bacon Grease friends.


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