Making food preparation SIMPLE with Scissors!

‘Simple, you say? Naawww… Can’t be! Food preparation is supposed to be a long, arduous process that takes time and energy! Nothing is SIMPLE anymore unless it comes frozen or in a box that I can buy at the grocery store. BAH HUMBUG!’ says the typical always-crunched-for-time-housewife.Nay, I say! I’ve discovered (in my experiments with kitchen tools that slice and dice and julienne) that the best friends a budding chef can have are three things for three different purposes: A wooden wedge, a big glass mixing bowl, and SCISSORS. We’ll talk about the other two another time.

Today, my focus is on how easy life can be with the addition of a pair of washable scissors for your kitchen. Anything that needs to have fat trimmed, nasty pieces cut off, or veins cut out can be worked with using this method. I wouldn’t recommend trying hard things (like carrots and/or fingers), mostly because it could be a strain on your wrist. I like to use them for prepping chicken or beef, leafy greens, hot dogs for mac’n’cheese, and herbs. Why use scissors? Because if you use your chopping knife on a plastic or wooden cutting board, you could be adding gnarly critters like bacteria and viruses to your food. Also, anything green will stain the hell out of any chopping surface. Scissors can be put in the dishwasher, sterilized with boiling water, or plain old soap and water.

I promote fresh fruits and veggies as opposed to frozen or canned. Nearly always. I try as hard as possible to cook with the fruits and vegetables that are in season so I can support my local farmers and buy my produce from the open market or directly at the farm. More on this another time… This is supermarket Spinach, fresh, full leaf style.

Before The Cut

First, make sure your scissors are clean. Then, clean the Spinach. Use your scissors to cut out the tough veins in each piece. One snip, and you’re DONE.

How to De-Vein

Remember that when you are cooking full leaf  spinach you should clean and cut more than you think you need. They cook down to a quarter of their original size. Once you have enough de-veined, throw them into a pan and add olive oil and a pinch of salt. Adding a little Magic

Put your heat on medium and toss until they are evenly darkened and wilted. If they turn to mush, its bad news. That why a lot of people don’t like Spinach. Its almost always overcooked.

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